You Are A Badass

by karinaaax03


We should think about retitling this blog to focus more heavily on the fact that we only write posts when we’ve been drinking. But I guess that’ll just be implied for now.

On the topic of growing older and trying to figure out what the hell is going on with our lives and inside our heads, I’d like to throw out yet another inspirational speech (sorry I’m the drunk philosopher type).

So remember the other day when we were texting back and forth complaining about how lonely we are or how unhappy we are and how tough everything is right now? And at one point you kinda just went “I’m sick of feeling sorry for ourselves, we fucking rock. Our lives are awesome.”

I’ve been thinking on that and like, fuck yeah. You’re so right. I mean I’m not gonna sit here and say that I haven’t cried on the train ride to/from Manhattan on several occasions, or that my goal for the month isn’t to cry less in public, but the truth is life is fucking awesome. I’m 21 and I’m working in NYC. You’re 22 and applying to law school. Shit is lit.

As mentioned in my “about me” section, I’m basic as hell so I’m gonna go ahead and make a list of all the awesome things going on in our lives because basic girls love lists.

  1. The aforementioned job in NYC/law school applications.
  2. We graduated/are graduating college. That’s dope.
  3. There are men who are interested in sleeping with us out there. That’s awesome.
  4. Our families are alive and well.
  5. We don’t have our own bills yet. Great bullet to dodge.
  6. We have each other.
  7. We’re old enough to legally get drunk in public.
  8. We’re young enough to pregame functions that would otherwise be inappropriate to pregame (i.e. family functions)
  9. We’re in our 20’s which is generally an awesome thing to be able to say.
  10. We’re really just a bunch of bumbling idiots trying to do life like the rest of this all-too-serious planet. Creds to you for bringing up this very valid point.

Pretty nice list, huh?

I think it’s far too easy to get down on ourselves, especially when we don’t know which path is the right to choose or who to hold onto or when to let go. But since we are comforted by the same things I’m going to tell you my most recent mantra: no decision is permanent.

If you decide to go to law school you can easily change your mind and not go, if I want to not work this job anymore, I can leave. I think we place way too much emphasis on decisions because we think they are going to make or break us, and yes, sometimes they may but we are so young and have so much flexibility to move away or change our minds whenever we want to and if nothing else the free-spirited nature of being a 20-something should comfort us both.

He just gets me.

When it comes down to it, no one really knows what they’re doing or what the best decision is or who to date or who to befriend. We’re all just pretending we have our shit together. But honestly, I’m trying to be content with not having my shit together because I could use a little spice in my life.

P.S. The title of this book alone made me feel better about myself. So TY Urban Outfitters for stocking this even though I’m too proud to purchase it.