I Feel Like My Life is Flashing by and All I Can Do is Watch and Cry

by Jamie Rice

Special thanks to Adele for my blog post title

Dear Karine,

I’m exhausted. After footballing so hard last night, it’s so hard to rejoin normal society. I mean that was a seriously amazing football season finale. Seriously, I don’t know how they’re going to top this next season. Such football drama. Much wow.

But in all seriousness (or not seriousness because we know that nothing is every that serious) I am so tired. I think it’s all of this class stuff. And reading. People expect me to read as an English major, dude. It’s insane. But I guess I can give you an inside look into what college is like now that you’re gone. That’ll be entertaining for you. I know you miss class so much.

Let me paint you a picture of the class I had last Friday. Let’s begin the day before. I set an alarm for 9:50 in order to attend my 10:50 (No way I’ll need that much time to get ready. It’s a Friday class, and, more importantly, I don’t care.) So I go to sleep, and then I open my eyes and the clock says that it’s 10:40. And then I close my eyes and go, “This isn’t happening to me.” And then I open them, and, spoiler alert, it is indeed happening to me. So I jump out of bed. Put on my clothes from yesterday, and I get Maria to drive me to class (Shout out! Dropping names like flies… that makes no sense). So I get to class about 5 minutes late, which is impressive considering, and then I do something insane Karina. I keep raising my hand and participating! It’s like an impulse. My professor is like, “What did John Locke do for the enlightenment?” And I hated the reading, but shockingly enough I am raising my hand and referencing direct pages. I actually understood this reading that I skimmed and hated. What is that about? (No, seriously, what is that about!)

I mean I guess I’m thankful that I just can’t seem to help being a good student, but seriously how insane is that. And why am I so tired all the time? And why am I dreading school so much nowadays? Tune in for the answer to these questions and more next week on… JAMIE IS FALLING APART, a show for the whole damn family.

I mean honestly, I’m just great, but the real problem is that I am tired all of the time. Like all of the time. It’s a problem. Hopefully, I’ll solve it. Just giving you an update honestly….

But if you want to smile you need to watch this video that was linked in a recent post on Sisterhood of the Traveling Rants. It’s fucking brilliant.

I know that ending was abrupt and weird, but I’m tired (Wouldn’t want to stop being on theme now, so yeah. Tired.)