Tonight Let’s Get Some and Live While We’re Young

by Jamie Rice

Dear Karine,

IT WAS AMAZING TO SEE YOU. Honestly, I don’t even know what to say other than…. YESSSSSS. I’ve been good since you left… mostly! I’m just simultaneously super busy and super not and super happy and super hot and super just… everything.

It’s a weird feeling, but I have to say that I am proud of one thing. I always make it through the day, and I always find amazing peaks even when I get these weird valleys. So that’s a nice little piece of information right there.

The feminist in me says I shouldn’t laugh, but I’m always here laughing

Otherwise, shit has been pretty good down there. I had a teacher try to basically set me up on a date mid-class, which is new for me. Kinda novel, in a way. Honestly, can you imagine if teachers did that all of the time. Like you were just sitting there minding your business and then all of the sudden your teacher went, “Karina, I noticed that you and Bradley over there both have excellent editing skills. I gave him your phone number. Hope that’s okay! *winks*” I wonder if they think about that at all? I would. All of the time. (I just realized that this is why I should never be a teacher. I would be so involved.)

Moving on, I learned something new about myself today. Something that I’m not happy to have realized. I have had to cut off a lot of friends/people in my 22 years. It was always for my own good. I always felt better after a few months of doing it, but I have had to do it many times. It just sucks, and I think that a lot of my fears in my everyday life and new relationships are due to that. Sometimes I look at people in my life, and I’m like, “Please don’t fuck up. I don’t’ want to have to lose you because you keep driving me crazy.” It’s an interesting fear, but as friendships come and go (and I am talking about friendships here while this obviously applies to romantic relationships too) I’ve gotten progressively better at seeing the signs, which has also made me scared. It’s not a problem cause I’m mad brave, but I think there is something to be said about admitting your fears. So I am admitting them. I am afraid of losing people cause they change or the dynamic changes. It’s a real fear for me at this point in my life.

I guess it’s time to end the post, but knowing me I can’t end it on that kind of real and sad note…. So… ummmmmm…. you want to hear something funny? (I KNOW YOU DO) Okay, so when Rachel and I went to see Deadpool, we were talking when I walked up to the ticket lady. This meant that I was definitely not prepared and beyond confused. So I walked up to her, and she just stared at me. And then I looked up at the ticket board, and I panicked and said, “IMMA SEE DEADPOOL.” Legitimately. That is all I said, and do you want to know the crazy part? She gave me the ticket! She listened to this girl say this weird combination of words, and she still gave me the ticket. God, this world is fucking amazing.