They Always Come Back

by Jamie Rice

Dear Karine,

I don’t know why, but nothing in my life has ever frustrated me as much as just waiting around for something to happen. I don’t like to sit on it. I like to act. Make the decision, and then you’re going to live with it. That has always been my motto.

I don’t know why I shared that, but we were talking about decisions a lot, so I wanted to give you some insight into my process. Basically, I just grin and bear it, and I guess it works well. I’m happy so… cool.



ANYWAYYYYYYYYY, nothing much has changed with me since I last checked in with you. I’ve just been doing a lot of work. Spending time with my friends and the dog. Really quite the pleasant and average boring existence. I’m trying very hard to be satisfied with this mundane existence (but I think the usage of the word ‘mundane’ probably shows you just how well I am actually handling it.)

I wish I could be satisfied with everyday boredom, but thankfully I am a dreamer. So I tend to try and use this ample boredom time to come up with great film ideas. I’ve recently had a pretty good one, which I will relate to you now.

hold onto your butts

Long story short, one of my fave professors is getting fucked by the system, so he’s trying to find a new job at another university. However, that process usually takes a few years unless there is an unexpected death or firing that leaves a spot open that has to be filled immediately. So the idea behind the film is that a group of girls what to ensure that their favorite teacher can graduate at the same as them, so they go on a road trip during their dead week before graduation to secure their prof a spot, but how far are they willing to go in order to ensure their collective futures? The film will be called “Graduation,” and I think the tagline will either be “They’re dying to graduate” or “They thought graduating was the hard part.” (As you can tell, this would be a very dark comedy.)

I’m finishing this post from my iPhone in the name of motherfucking technology (AND a strong desire to not have to do a punishment!) Anyway, I have to go get drunk and watch a band perform because in trying to have fun every now and again. Sooooo

All of my Loving,




Harlow misses you!