by karinaaax03

Dear James,

So I’m finally (kind of) unemployed. Since it kept (and sort of still keeps) getting “extended,” who even knows where I’m at in the job market. I’m a free bird, at least for a week or so.


My free bird self on my way to you.

To be honest, I found a lot of #inspo (I’m so basic I know, I just couldn’t resist) when I found out one of my supervisors was picking up and moving 25 hours (by car) from everyone she knows. I figure, if she can do it, why can’t I?

During an interview I had last week, I was asked about a time a plan or a goal I had didn’t end up working out, and why it didn’t work out. Naturally, my far-too-honest self answered with a short explanation of my post-grad life.

Let me be clear.

I had always, always thought that living in the city would be the best thing in the world. Even after not really having the time of my life during last summer’s trial run (that’s the understatement of the century), I kept telling myself that New York was the place where all the young people dreamed of being, the location I should be aiming for. And hey, maybe that’s true. I wouldn’t know because I don’t know a hole lot of people. But I’ve been coming to terms lately, as I told my incredibly patient interviewer, with the fact that although New York City may be the best place in the world, but maybe it’s not my best place in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the beauty that is skyscrapers, rooftop brunches, and the grid, but sometimes I just feel like there’s something missing.

Maybe I need wide open spaces, ponies, local bars, and young, energized coworkers. And I’m talking about the kind of energy that’s only partially caffeine-fueled.


My level of excitement when I touch grass these days

So as you always say, I’m young and free to do as I please, so why not take a leap of faith?

Speaking of leaps (this is completely unrelated to leaps but I’m being lazy in my transition) I’m coming to visit yet again! Maybe my visits are becoming repetitive, but fuck the haters, right? You people and the warmth of sun make me happy and I’m too damn young to not be happy.


The Basic One