Bitch I’m Back…Again.

by karinaaax03

Dear James,

It’s a happy day because I am in North Carolina (specifically, Elon). I know you think this state is the shittiest thing to happen to mankind since the Holocaust, but I like it here so screw you.

This time, as you know, I am here for a whole entire week! The joys of semi-unemployment. But in reality, I’m super excited to play in one of my favorite lands for the next 6 days! You know my separation anxiety gets bad.



Me and you


Speaking of separation anxiety and/or bad things, I was very amused to learn that my mother thinks that I’ve basically been put through hell and back when, in fact, I’ve been feeling pretty fine lately. Sure, “fine” isn’t exatly fantastic but like, you take what you can get these days.

As I explained to my father, I haven’t cried at all in the past month and a half (sadly, this is a real accomplishment). Okay, I’m being dramatic again. Really, I’ve been good lately! I’ve settled into this slightly bizzare situation frighteningly well.

Now, after being here for less than 24 hours, I’ve noticed that “fine” is much less exciting than “happy”. I’m aware that North Carolina is clearly not the most progressive (l-o-fucking-l) state, nor is it the most exciting, but this weird land has the my weird friends and the warmth that my soul needs. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that maybe I was right back in freshman year when I started sneaking my desire to stay here into my familys heads, maybe I really should stay.



Me when it’s time to leave NC


I know you’re rolling your eyes as you read this saying “quit saying maybe every time you think something, just fucking do it for fucks sake.” And yeah, you’re right, I should just do things and quit questioning shit. You’re usually right. Not fair.

It’s about time for me to wake you up from your slumber, so bye bye for the next 45 seconds it’ll take me to post this and wake you up.



The Basic One