Ice, Ice, Baby

by karinaaax03

Dear James,

Bet you thought I’d forget to write a post today, but you’re wrong! Unlike you, who so graciously forgot to text me back last night, I will not forget my responsibilities.

As for an update, shit is lit. Well, I’m not sure I’d describe it as lit solely because I’m not really sure I’m the type of person who really wants shit to be lit. As you said to me yesterday at brunch, despite my hardcore desire to want to be a crazy super pumped-up partier, I’m just not. On my personal lit scale, however, shit is lit.

Basically since I’ve been here I’ve spent my time bouncing between you, you know who, and Stef. Is it time for a code name? Probably. Am I motivated to make one up? Nope. Apologies, you know who remains as such.


How I feel about you know who even though that ship has basically sailed.

It’s been so nice to just relax and enjoy being in one of my favorite places (I know, sue me) for an extended period of time without the dread of having to make it back to the office my Monday at 8:30 a.m.

In a quick summary of the past few days, I’ll inform you that I’ve both ate and drank a large amount of food and alcohol. Endless eating and drinking with my #1 people is basically me in my prime, so it’s been pretty good.

Friday night you know who and I ventured to a public space to see Brandon’s senior performance. In my high school days, I would’ve rolled at my eyes at such an event, claiming not to like “that kind of music.” Luckily, I’m not a total asshat anymore (just kind of an asshat). The performance was SO good, dude. At the end he brought his professor and some of his friends up to play with him, and it was so fun to watch them laugh and mess around while performing. Alright, I sound like a groupie. I’m through talking about it.

Saturday was spent brunching with you and Rachel and hearing about Stef’s escapades in life (aka formal). And finally, today was a total blast. Aside from the fact that you’re actively MIA today, I had a ton of fun. You know who and I (should you know who be hyphenated? I don’t know the grammatical rules of being incredibly evasive) went to the Greensboro Science Center *pauses while you roll your eyes and call me a nerd*. But listen up, it was so fun. They have animals, a museum, AND SEA CREATURES. THERE WERE TIGERS, MINI HORSES, DINOSAURS, PENGUINS, AND SHARKS IN THE SAME FACILITY. If that’s not amazing I don’t know what is.


My reaction to this establishment, which was just about the same reaction as the 200 children that were there.

I’m going to take this time to make you squeamish and tell you that it was just so precious to see you know who teaching me about all the creatures and just generally talking to each other.

Okay, I’ll stop torturing you with my joy.

All I’m gonna say is it’s been real nice and I’m glad to see everyone down here has gotten on just fine in my absence, but still left some room for me.

Love you with all of my ice cold heart.



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