Currently Awaiting Punishment (Oooooh Saucy)

by Jamie Rice

Dear Karine,

Well, the day has come. I have forgotten to post my blog post, and punishment is imminent. However, we must go on. Continue living. That is what life is about. (#deep)

And I also didn’t do the meditation activity because I was going to do it yesterday during the afternoon when I was supposed to be composing a blog post, which obviously didn’t get done, so here we are. We are both not meditators. (Of course, we knew this, but I kind of wanted to give it a chance. Oh well, there is always tomorrow…)

Anyway, back to my life. I have been having a recurrence of emotions, which weirdly was brought on about a week ago by this song (which you have to watch in order to continue reading this post. Do not proceed until you have done this):

Okay, so I watched this super funny and cute video about Greg and Rebecca, and then I realized that I never actually admitted to myself that I liked the young grasshopper. I never admitted that, Karine. I just pretended that it was only sex and that I didn’t care. I deluded myself into thinking that I was just upset because he took sex away from me when I was really upset because he took away… love. (Bleh gross)

So I just want you to know that all is well down here. Still getting weirdly set off my random scenes in movies and TV shows. Nothing new to report there.

hamilton burr hamilton

You to me

Oh I also wanted to let you know that we have actually used this gif on our blog a record making 3 times by now:

Four now

Four now aka we ain’t that original. 

Otherwise, this week has been really good! I’ve been hanging out with Avalon and Rachel a lot in an attempt to really embrace and enjoy this last semester. I have also been hanging with you a lot thanks to your many visits (Thanks for that again!).

I guess I’ll leave and keep this one short again, (which I also promised not to do. I’m just renigging on all of my promies today.) but I want you to know that I love and miss you! And that you’re going to be perfectly fine!

Love love love,



P.S. No Titanic sinking p.s. today, which I know you’re really sad about 🙂