by Jamie Rice

Dear Karine,

Holy Fucking Shit. It’s happening. Like it’s done. It’s fucking done. GRADUATION IS HERE!

Us at graduation tomorrow

So I’m gonna get real sad on you for a second, but hopefully, I’m gonna bring it all back around into happy land before the end of this post. Hopefully. (But then again… if I don’t I’ll just start crying and then you’ll comfort me because you’re literally sitting right fucking in front of me #thanksforthat)

Anyway, I was thinking a few seconds ago (literally I am not even kidding) that our main connection has always been Elon. Like… even when you left to go to NYC, you were always coming back to Elon. It’s shitty to say in a lot of ways, but this was kind of our place. And now we are leaving the place. We are not ever really gonna come back (unless you convince me to come back for Homecoming, which I am sure you will cause you’re known and I’m known–descriptive sentences are fun, am I right?) This is sad information frankly because it means that our lives are about to change. I mean, fuck, I’m changing fucking coasts, and that is terrifying. We will be more physically apart than ever.

HOWEVER, (this is the part where I try to save the sadness) all of these facts only make the connections we are going to make in the future all the more fun. We grew in this time here (even though it sometimes feels like we just kept going through the same shenanigans with the same idiots), and we did that together. I mean, I am terrified for the future, but you know what else I am? Fucking psyched. Cause here’s the thing Karina. You are a baller with an amazing personality and vibe. You are patient (I mean you’re my BFF, which ain’t easy). You are funny, and you are (frankly) so much better than most people… and I’m kinda lit too. We’re gonna be fine (you’re especially gonna be fine) and we will continue to live our lives together (bicoastal vibes)

Congratulations on your graduation, Karine. You deserve a drink (or five).

All my loving,



P.S. I accidentally published this initially on my Elon Writing Center blog from my Multimedia class with YG #blessed