by karinaaax03

Dear James,

Talk about a couple of slackers. We’ve seriously been fucking up this blog schedule, but now that we’re apart once again and settled in our respective areas, I think we should be headed back to our normal schedule.

I have many, many things to update you on!

First, I’d like to touch on my visit to Elon/graduation because, well, I haven’t felt that many different emotions in a while. As I’ve said many times in the past, Elon is kind of my calm zone, so it was nice to be back in that zone for a while. But once graduation rolled around I started feeling all the feels. I drunkenly cried in you-know-whos arms for literally no reason other than I felt all the unidentifiable emotions at once. Then, as you know, on graduation day I cried like a fucking baby at the card you gave me (I’m still mad about that).

Overall, though, the time I spend at Elon was great and I wouldn’t have changed a minute of it. Our graduation day was a blast (shoutout to the flasks of champagne we brought to the ceremony) and having everyone around eating and drinking was so nice.

Now that I’m done with that sappy shit, here comes the cool stuff!

My supervisor sent me this gif on my first day

So, I started my new job on Monday and I know it’s a little early to tell, but it’s pretty dope. I’d venture to say just about anything would be better than the miserable existence I was leading before, but this is worlds better.

I headed for HQ early Monday morning for orientation and got a tour around the gorgeous office (including the Huff Post news room, AHH!) complete with relaxation/meditation rooms, a gym, food, and all sorts of other things. Unfortunately for me, I’m not working in the office. Womp womp.

Luckily, though, the office I am working in has a rooftop for me to scoot my little butt to whenever I need some sun and work under the scorching heat of my favorite star. That is exactly what I did this morning, along with the rest of my team, and it was lovely. Shit, I’d spend all day up there if I could without my skin shriveling up into a bright-red foreign substance.




On top of this huge perk, everyone’s I’ve met has been so welcoming, friendly, and willing to help. Today, I left my ring in the bathroom like a total idiot and someone brought it to the office manager instead of pocketing it. I’m truly amazed.

In all seriousness, I’ve been happier the past few days than I’ve been in this state in a long, long time. My grand plan is to just keep being exceeding grateful for the amazing things that are happening in my life and to keep the over-analyzing to a minimum. Seems like a recipe for success, right?

All my loving,

The Basic One