Damn Near Perfect

by karinaaax03

Dear James,

Well, well, well, look who forgot their Friday post (not me this time, woohoo!). I suppose we’re even now, though to be honest I’ve completely lost track of how many times we’ve each fucked up and have mentally combined our mutual fucking up into one category.

I thought about being a bad girl and skipping my blog post today but I figured since I haven’t really heard from you much in the past week I should do my good friend duty and write to you about my life.

I would love to put some sort of disclaimer on this post before I go into detail about my life’s recent events, but frankly I don’t know what type of disclaimer to put. So far, I’m debating between: “you might vomit,” “I’m still happy,” and “Sorry I’m salty.” Maybe this problem is less about disclaimers and more about my inability to decipher one emotion from another…

The best/most exciting day since my last post (and frankly in quite a while) was Saturday, when “you know who” (curse my inability to come up with nickname) and I had an early birthday celebration. We spent 12+ hours together (hold your sassy comments/gag reflex) and went down to the shore and visited his favorite place and went to the aquarium (apparently this is becoming a theme for us) and ate delicious food and just generally fucked around.

Now I know you probably don’t enjoy hearing about it as much as I enjoy talking about it, but the reason I am telling you this story is to set up the sole awkward moment of the day. It was one tiny, fleeting moment that “you know who” probably doesn’t even remember, but I felt it dude, and it felt awkward.

Basically, we were at the casino walking around and exploring and he’s being very affectionate  (*cue high-pitched “omg I think he likes me”*) so he’s hugging me in the middle of a store (I’m pondering what they spiked his beer with, jk jk) and I’m pretty sure I made a joke to which he replies (mid hug) “Awww c’mon, you love me.”

My internal reaction.

I think he felt the tension run through my body because it took maybe a nanosecond for him to say, “Well you like me,” to which I replied something along the lines of, “Yeah there you go, I really like you.”


I understand nothing about the context of this gif except that it perfectly explains my range of emotions in that moment.

But in all seriousness, it was a damn perfect day, and I don’t throw the word perfect around too often.

In other news, I SIGNED A LEASE. I am officially going to be a resident of NYC, and I’m stupid excited about it.

Well, it’s past my bedtime (it’s 10:14 p.m.) so I’ll stop torturing you with my general joy and overuse of parenthesis.

All my loving,

The Basic One